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African American Today

Every year The Virginian-Pilot publishes African American Today to commemorate Black History month. Content includes motivational stories from generations of local African Americans and a complete listing of events to celebrate February as Black History month. In addition, a church directory features photographs of local pastors plus important messages about their churches.

The African American Today channel aggregates current news, information and resources including the black history content as well as the past issues of AA Today. The Channel will feature writers' articles and blogs on topics that will have a greater appeal and level of interest to this niche audience ( 

Hampton Roads has the 2nd highest percentage of African Americans in the United States, so this section inserted into The Virginian-Pilot is a highly read section.

Great opportunity to reach: community leaders, African Americans, church-goers.

Published: February 19, 2017
Distribution: South Hampton Roads
Format: Tabloid