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Sport Fans

Reach Hampton Roads Sports Fans:

There are few things in the world as widely loved as sports. Sports fans range from casual viewers to fanatics and provide a unique audience to target. Sports passion is shared for pro, amateur, college and high school teams alike.

local sports fanWhat do local sports fans follow?

  • 15.1% attended a high school sports event in the past year
  • 8.5% attended an Admirals game in the past year
  • 17.3% attended a Tides game in the past year
  • 5.1% attended a NASCAR event in the past year
  • 4.0% attended an ODU football game last season
  • 3.7% attended a NSU sporting event in the past year


sports fan localSports fans vs. the market:
  • 76% more likely to buy a house
  • 24% more likely to sell a house
  • 22% more likely to buy a new car
  • 44% more likely to buy a used car
  • 19% more likely to buy computer or digital camera
  • 32% more likely to buy furniture
  • 35% more likely to buy a major appliance


With the area’s largest local sports news staff, The Virginian-Pilot is the complete source for local sports teams, news and scores. With over 2,000 local sports stories written annually, live updates from every high school football game on Friday Night Chatter, and over 40,000 Twitter followers on @757Teamz we have the region covered.

How you can reach local sports fans:
The Virginian-Pilot Sports Section
“Game Day” sponsorships
Football Previews (high school, college, and pro)
March Madness Coverage
Big Game Coverage

PilotOnline sports channel
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Source: Scarborough Report 2015

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