Hampton Roads Demographics

Hampton Roads has a very diverse marketplace, creating opportunity for businesses.

The Virginian-Pilot Young Market The Virginian-Pilot Senior Market The Virginian-Pilot Military Population The Virginian-Pilot African American population
Based on the 77 largest DMA's in the U.S.

Military: With the highest concentration of active duty military households in the U.S., the military is a desirable consumer segment.
- Military median household income ($68,510) is higher than non-military ($56,339)
- They are 52% more likely to be married
- 79% more likely to have children in the household than non-military
- 94% live off base

Demographic Profile

The South Hampton Roads market is younger and has a higher median household income compared to the rest of the country.
Key: HR = Hampton Roads and SHR = South Hampton Roads

The Virginian-Pilot South Hampton Roads Demo

Source: Scarborough Multi Market 2014 Rel. 1, Claritas PrimeLocation 2013, Bureau of Labor Statistics