Electronic Delivery

For immediate delivery of camera-ready ads, we offer several options.

1. Upload your Ad FREE:
This free service replaces e-mail as a method for sending us your ads. Now simply go to https://ads4pilot.pilotmediacompanies.com/, fill out a short ad submission form and send us your ads.
If you have any questions concerning methods of sending ads to the Pilot, contact Shea Alvis, Imaging Manager at (757) 222-5409 or by email.

2. Third Party.
We utilize AP AdSend, Ad Transit, Fast Channel. If you do not subscribe to these third party ad delivery systems and would like to, please call them at the following numbers: AP AdSend at 1-800-823-7363, Ad Transit at 1-800-254-6533, or Fast Channel at 1-866-321-3278.
NOTE: E-mail is not a secure method of sending ads, and we cannot guarantee delivery or that your ad will publish.

Electronic Delivery Formats:

  • We require PDF files.
  • We can supply you with our Distiller job options.
  • We cannot accept native files (collected for output or packaged files)
  • Avoid sending us exported PDF files to prevent technical problems.
  • We can supply you with our Photoshop Ink files.
  • Do not create PDF files by dropping an EPS file on Distiller. PDF files created in this manner may not print correctly.
  • Please contact us to setup a test before submitting live electronic ads. We can only ensure the quality of your ad when we can work out any electronic problems ahead of deadline.
  • View the Electronic Ad Delivery document (PDF) for full details.

If you have any questions about this service, contact our Imaging Department department at (757) 222-5409, or send email to Shea Alvis.