Labor Day

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Labor Day

Labor Day 2014The BIG story this Labor Day is the grandest Thank You ever. Employees are at the heart of every organization and this is your opportunity to appreciate them.

Five Reasons This Program Is For You:
1. Your employees are your best voice in the community. Show them appreciation and you will be rewarded.
2. People want to work for companies that appreciate them.
3. People want to do business with companies that appreciate their employees.
4. Companies with engaged employees generated 2.5 times more revenue versus competitors with low engagement levels.
5. Reach over 50% of South Hampton Roads adults with your Labor Day ad.

Source: Hay Group Study, Feb 2014; Scarborough 2014 R1

The Virginian-Pilot and will be filled with a big "Thank You" from an array of businesses. Be part of this unique opportunity.

Great opportunity to reach: Hampton Roads community.

Published: Monday, September 5, 2016
Distribution: South Hampton Roads
Format: Print and Online