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The Virginian-Pilot Merry Christmas
See complete details of early deadlines for our products.
Happy Holidays from the Pilot Media Team
We wish you and your family a happy holiday season.
The Right Marketing Mix
Forecasts are calling for an overall increase in consumer holiday season spending.
Be sure to get your ads in early, we start early deadlines the week of November 17th.
Digital Display Advertising Holiday Season Inforgraphic
Utilizing monthly display ads builds brand awareness and gives all channels of marketing a lift during the year.
The Virginian-Pilot Holiday Traditions Shopping Page
Take advantage of this seasonal advertising opportunity and be in front of consumers while they’re in the holiday shopping mood this fall and winter!
Make it sizzle! Make it pop! Is what they all say. Let's be specific, it's the easiest way. This design tip and others are listed on our Scary Advertising infographic.
Holiday Shopping Trends The Virginian-Pilot
The coming holiday season will have only 26 days between Black Friday and Christmas. Now is the time to start advertising your holiday specials.
The Virginian-Pilot Readership Numbers
When it comes to reaching people in South Hampton Roads, The Virginian-Pilot gets the job done.
Unless you are continuously talking with customers and non-customers alike, you don't truly know where your brand stands within your market.