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The Virginian-Pilot Newspaper and Digital Platforms
Newspaper digital media will have even more opportunities to grow audience and to offer advertisers more ways to reach their customers.
Richardson said she sees her job and that of others leading the newspaper industry as being leaders of change.
What medium captures those most engaged in the political process? Newspaper media - in print and online.
David Mele
David Mele to take over a division of company that owns newspaper.
The Virginian-Pilot Event Tips
Your business just decided to buy a booth at an event or maybe went a step further and became a sponsor. Now what?
The Virginian-Pilot Early Deadlines
Be sure to get your ads in early, we start early deadlines the week of 8/25.
Social Media Pancake Mix
Different social media platforms have different personalities. A fun look at the mix.
Newspaper Advertising
By following these basic tips, you can effectively reach your customers and stand out. Your customers will know who you are and what you can do for them!
Rosser Reeves
Reeves believed the purpose of advertising is to sell. He insisted that an ad should show off the USP of a product.
Back to School shopping trends
While it’s not considered a traditional consumer holiday, back to school/college time is the second biggest spending season of the year.