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Google Pigeon algorithm
Google has yet another algorithm change and it affects local rankings. Learn more.
Everyone wants their ad to “pop”, “be seen” and “get noticed”. Here are 5 tips.
CareerConnection's Diversity and Women's Career Event
Are you committed to building a diverse workplace? Deadline to participate is Friday, August 1st.
FIFA World Cup Soccer
Hampton Roads took "time-out" to watch the World Cup.
Pilot Media Fourth of July
We wish you and your family a wonderful and safe Fourth of July
Pilot Media Search
Local Searches Lead 50% of Mobile Users to Visit Stores.
The Virginian-Pilot Design Winner
7 Pilot Media designers win 1st place in N.A.M.E. Awards
The Virginian-Pilot combining Main News and Hampton Roads section
Main News and Hampton Roads will be combined into one robust section to be published seven days a week beginning Monday, June 16.
David Ogilvy
As we approach Father’s Day it seemed appropriate to recognize David Ogilvy, often cited as”The Father of Advertising”.
Social Media Sunburn
Now, more than ever, your online reputation is vital to converting web searchers to new customers.