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Pilot Media Effective Ad PlayDoh
A great ad can communicate an idea with few or no words.
Holiday Shoppers
Many shoppers wait to buy toward the end of the holiday season so be sure to offer deals near the end of the holidays to attract these last-minute shoppers.
We thank you for your business this year and wish you a wonderful holiday season.
Some calendar shifts this holiday season to be aware of as retailers map their holiday sales strategy.
The Virginian-Pilot Holiday Shopping Tips
Have you put together your Holiday Marketing Plan? With some shoppers starting as early as Halloween, here are some marketing tips.
Social Media
Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook -- take a step back and look at Social Media from the viewpoint of your potential customers.
David Mele HRAMA luncheon
David Mele discusses the work Pilot Media has done leading an industry in “Balancing Content and Platforms in Today’s Marketplace”.
The Virginian-Pilot Pulse Section
Pulse is now published on Fridays.
The Virginian-Pilot Newspaper Advertising 1
Newspaper advertising remains the media with the most trusted ads and most valuable in planning shopping.
Research shows that not only do newspaper media reach a huge audience, they also reach an engaged audience.