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Pilot Research & Development Services

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Why Invest in Research?

  • Conducting research and market analyses can help improve the efficiency of your marketing and communications strategies; efficiencies that can save you a lot of time and money.
  • The best information can help eliminate biases that keep companies from making a positive difference for its consumers and employees.
  • Our Research & Development Division strives to deliver insight that is: local, accessible, affordable, reliable, timely, and actionable.

Our Services

  • Pilot Media Research GroupCore Profile Analyses: Understanding your current and potential customers can have an enormous impact on where, who and how you target them (location/site analysis, customer segmentation).
  • Customer Assessments: What you don't know can hurt you. Ask what customers really think and what influences their decisions (one-time customer and ongoing customer studies).
  • Communications Testing: Indentify what and why communications are effective in achieving marketing objectives and improve our return on investments through testing (advertising, pre-copy, and pre-creative testing, awareness & campaign impact studies, content & program testing for print, web, social, tv, radio, etc.).
  • Market Assesments: Understanding market perceptions, decision making, needs, and expectations are essential to marketing strategy and identifying growth opportunities (decision-making assessments, brand & competitive assessments, new product & services evaluations).
  • Custom Studies and Analyses: We also can provide services specific to logo design, website evaluations, employee studies, data consulting, and more.