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VITALITY: your resource for the Baby Boomers. This engaging publication provides information on health, entertainment, travel, caring for the aging and more. From questions about quality of life to issues faced when preparing for your later years, Vitality has what Boomers need. Don't miss this opportunity to align your message with content that matters to a maturing audience and their loved ones.


VITALITY EVENT: Saturday, June 24, 2017. Pembroke Mall, Virginia Beach, VA. 9am-1pm.

Learn about resources to improve the quality of life of the Baby Boomers Generation and preparing for the second phase of life. 

Great opportunity to reach: those preparing to retire and families helping someone through the process.

Source: Scarborough Research 2016 v2

Published: June 21,2017
Distribution: The Virginian-Pilot
Format: Tabloid